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Retirement Planning

We listen closely and believe no detail should be left uncovered as we focus on understanding the new print of our financial goals. We know your family and career keep you busy and you need sophisticated advice to formulate a comprehensive strategy best suited to your unique needs, designed to shepherd you beyond the accumulation phase ad into retirement.

College/Educational Planning

You can never start planning soon enough for your child’s college and if you don’t know where to start, having a College Cost Analysis completed will provide you with a road map to show how much you need to set aside on a periodic basis to have the needed funds at the appropriate time. We will help show the benefits of utilizing 529 College Savings Plans that provide tax benefits and flexibility to control and change beneficiaries and other Education plans available so you can compare and decide which one is right for your family.

Fee - Based Planning

What does is mean?

An investment account in which the advisor's compensation is based on a set percentage of the client's assets instead of on commissions. Commission-based investment, in which the advisor makes money based on the amount of trades made or the amount of assets sold to the client.

The interest of our clients' financial needs are our first priorities. Your objectives are our objectives.

Social Security Strategic Planning

Instead of thinking of Social Security as a benefit that the government owes you, try thinking of Social Security as a type of asset. In fact, for most people it is an investment that they have been contributing to for most or all their work life. By thinking of Social Security as a retirement income asset, it is easier to understand how time can work to your benefit.

At Financial Partners Group, you will have access to professionals and resources that work for you. We construct comprehensive plans that maximize your benefits with extreme amounts of careful consideration to your financial goals.

Tax Planning Strategies

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